HIDEOUS (Compulse 5)



24 page zine by Kevin Uehlein.
Black & white zine on multi color papers
B & W xerox on assorted colored paper.

Black & white zine on multi color papers
Each zine is unique! No 2 zines feature same color pages!

"Compulse 5: Hideous is a cross between autobio and sketchbook mini, as Uehlein ponders a day spent in Los Angeles as a recently minted thirty year old. The page design of this comic is especially interesting, as he crams up to a couple of dozen panels on each page of wildly varying size. George Herriman is as much a touchstone as Crumb in these comics, as there's a poetic quality to each page, both in terms of the images and the actual text. The use of funny animals allows him a certain flexibility regarding the depiction of reality, giving him a chance to get weird at the drop of a hat without jarring the reader. At the same time, the comic is clearly personal and a way to work out issues related to loneliness and a sense of purpose."

- Rob Clough, High-Low Comics

"Situated somewhere in the kind of neighborhoods each in his own way Kim Dietch, Gary Panter, and, more recently, Dane Martin inhabit, this compact example of adventurous, fast paced but serious comix compositions by Uehlein are self assured, comfortable in both cartooning iconography and daring to experiment; this comic translates itself as a cohesive statement. What we get here is the artist's experience of life as opposed to literal autobiographical narrative. It's exuberant, and even when it's exploring pain and anxiety, warms a spot right in the center of my skull. The collaborative comics Uehlein is concurrently composing with the artist known only as "dw," I suspect are feeding into this quantum hop skip and jump for him on his own I'm detecting here, which altogether comprises some of my favorite sheer eyeball kicks of the past year."

- J.T. Dockery, Atomic Books